May 31, 2016
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Welcome to Sabbar Shrine!

The 2016 Spring Ceremonial was a huge success.  We had 12 candidates that were very enthusiastic about the Shrine.  Having the Unit Heads there made a great difference.  The units had their vehicles with them and allowed the candidates to drive them. That's all they needed to become members. The Van Divan picked up 4 new members, Blue Angels picked up 3, and The Clowns 1.  This will have a positive effect on the Shrine.  We had 4 of the Spiritual Divan missing however, the fill ins for them did a great job.  The Directors Staff, as usual, did a tremendous job with the 2nd section.  They had 2 new toys that they played with that got the mood going.  Bill Burkel even got a little messy towards the end. The Fezzing was great. We had a bit of a mix-up on sizes but everyone was taken care of. 
The wives in attendance enjoyed the 1st section of the ceremonial and the fezzing.   You will be able to tell the new Nobles from everyone else in that they will be wearing the Sheik name ribbon on their fez. When you see one of these individuals please say Hi and welcome them to Sabbar. We are quickly
running out of used Fezzes for the November Ceremonial.  If we have a used fez for a candidate and he accepts it, then its free.   Also don't forget that when you bring in 3 new candidates for the November Ceremonial, your dues for 2017 will be paid for.  "3 for Free".  I wish to thank everyone that made the Ceremonial a magnificent success.  It could not have happened without the hard work of the Director Staff, Ritualistic Divan, Units and Unit Heads, the Temple Guard and for everyone that participated. Special thanks goes to Sam Stephenson who orchestrated the entire event.

Why aren't "You" at the Shrine?  Nobles, bring in 3 new candidates for the Fall Ceremonial and Sabbar will pay your dues for 2017!